Monday, June 9, 2008


With the recent high temps here at home and my scorching weekend in NYC, I thought I'd post this Bill Watterson editorial cartoon. It's from the Cincinnati Post dated July 17, 1980. The city had been experiencing an unusually high heat wave, even for July, with temps peaking at 99 degrees and no rain for relief. [A note for you younger readers, before the global warming craze it just get really hot sometimes.]

In this cartoon, the statue figures on the Tyler Davidson fountain have climbed down into the pool to beat the heat. Very clever!

The fountain, dedicated in 1871, is Cincinnati's most famous landmark. It is the centerpiece of Fountain Square, which is the heart of the downtown area. Also known as 'The Genius of Water', it has survived several restorations and endured many relocations. Each of the figures is meant to demonstrate the benefits/joys of water. For those readers outside the Cincinnati area, it's probably most recognizable as the opening shot for the theme of "WKRP". That's about all I know. What's left to do but go see it!?!

My favorite figure on the fountain (natch). Before the most recent restoration to its shining bronze color, a lot of us were surprised that the fountain wasn't supposed to be green.

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