Sunday, October 19, 2008


I don't talk politics on this blog because I like to stick with what's important, which we all know is comics, music and TV. Outside the blog, though, I'm a politics junkie...and now I'm exhausted. A presidential race shouldn't go on for almost two years. So, with a short time left to go, I'm taking a week off. No election news, no talk radio, no campaign ads. It's for my mental health. Before I shut off the talking heads and put a happy face on, I'll share some links. They're from my friend, Jeff Miller, who has his own blog, the Trunk, which I always have linked at right. Like me, Jeff thinks about things. But while I'm thinking about Spider-Man and such, Jeff is thinking about political philosophy. I'll read stuff of his and say, "Oh, now I understand this better." Here are some highlights...

Fairness and Taxation

How to talk like Obama and like McCain

Spreading the wealth. In this post, Jeff is responding to another blogger, 'squashed', whose comment is in italics.

How government has made things worse

A review of Obama's radical socialist policies

Now, given the headers I've linked to, you may be shocked to see other posts where Jeff talks about how Obama is a smart and cool guy he'd like to hang out with. You can't broad brush this guy, and I'll assure you that arguing with him's always been a pain in the a$$.

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