Sunday, October 30, 2011


On 10/26, Comic Book Resources (CBR) posted an interview with Dean Mullaney of the Library of American Comics. Dean discussed his exciting upcoming projects, including Steve Canyon, as well as recent projects, such as the Caniff art book.

CBR also has a fun feature called Comic Book Legends Revealed. It clears up the rumors of comics' past in an entertaining way. This latest post gets to what never seemed strange to me, but may be strange to some. Was a "Terry & the Pirates" Sunday page read into the Congressional Record the next day? Find out!

In celebration of the bicentennial of Columbus, Ohio, the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum will show an exhibit dedicated to cartoonists associated with Ohio's capital. The exhibit will include artwork by Ireland, Milton Caniff and other luminaries, such as James Thurber. "Columbus Cartoonists: A Bicentennial Celebration" runs January 23rd through April 27th. More details here.

Caniff was the subject of a recent feature in the Columbus Dispatch - A Look Back by Jieun Kang. It's unclear what the motivation was for doing a Caniff article now, as it doesn't mention any of the several 2011 Caniff projects. It's nice to see them pay homage to someone who gave so much of himself to the Dispatch between 1925-32. Oddly, they didn't use any of his Dispatch art in the article. Fortunately, "CANIFF: A Visual Biography" has a copious amount.

Milton Caniff must be on the news brain, as he had another write-up in the Times Bulletin of Van Wert, Ohio. The article by Kay Sluterbeck is one of the few to note how important Caniff's theater training was to infusing "Terry & the Pirates" with drama, tension and suspense. You can read the article here.

And if you haven't already pre-ordered yours, volume 3 of STEVE CANYON ON DVD is due out November 14th!

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