Sunday, November 20, 2011


From the archive of oddites, here are Terry & the Pirates tattoo transfers. They feature a nice array of 22 characters from the run of the strip, mostly from war years. 'Terry' was no stranger to merchandising, being not only a popular comic strip, but also adapted to comic book form and a long-running serialized radio show. I'm not sure of the origin of these. Online clues point to them being a cereal premium, but the packaging itself gives us little to go on. There's no name of a product to promote or name of the manufacturer or printed them. One gimmick I like is the way the envelope the tattoos come in can double as a mailer. What a nice gift!

The other intriguing thing to me is the designation "Pack no. 9." Hmmm, what are packs 1 - 8, or even 10+? A little digging and help from other comic fans led to filling in some of the gaps, but not all.


PACK #4 - FUNNY ANIMALS (all from Fawcett, publisher of Captain Marvel)


PACK #8 - CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT (another Fawcett hero, mostly unseen since 1948)

Here are a couple more that do not have pack numbers and may or may not be related to the other series...



David said...

Late to the party but thanks for this post. I have one Pack #10. I was trying to find a year on these and the closest guess is that Pack #1 shows the cover from Captain Marvel #32 from February 1944. I'm going to guess these packs came out roughly over a one or two year period, maybe even monthly like the comics? So that puts them around 1944-1945. If you search "All Hero Comic Tattoo Transfers" there is a mailer sans tattoos listed on eBay right now. I picked mine up over 10 years ago and have seen very few since.

Jody Raup said...

I have pack #3 of the Captain Marvel's Tattoo transfers. Any idea how I find someone that might want to add these to their collection?
Jody R.

Matt Tauber said...

Jody, I would try selling it to your local comic book shop or on eBay.