Saturday, March 10, 2012


Here's a closer look at the slipcase for the Complete Steve Canyon on DVD. John Ellis, who's putting the whole thing together, has been battling shipping and technical difficulties to get Volume 3 of the set completed. Volume 3 will be packed with extras. Along with the commentaries from those who worked on the series and from aviation experts, there will also be documentaries and more information on the star of the show, Dean Fredericks. Ellis has been putting together all the archival material he can find related to the series. Pre-order yours today!

"Columbus Cartoonists: a Bicentennial Celebration" is the current exhibit in The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum's reading room. Among the cartoonists with work represented are the library's namesake, who was a longtime cartoonist for the Columbus Dispatch, and his protege, Milton Caniff, who honed his art skills at the Dispatch and for student publications at OSU.

The cartoon research library has also started its own blog! Given that it's the largest archive of original cartoon art in the world, the mind staggers at the possibilities. I'll definitely be an eager weekly reader.

The Magnificent Medills is a new biography by Megan McKinney. The Medill family created a media dynasty, which included Captain Joseph Medill Patterson, owner of the New York Daily News. The golden age of the comic strip flourished under Patterson, who understood its important role in newspaper circulation. It was Patterson who hired Caniff to do the comic strip that became "Terry & the Pirates".

A longtime Toronto comic book store, named for a famous Caniff character, has closed. Dragon Lady Comics, which originally started as a comic mail order business, first opened in 1979 as Dragon Lady Paper Nostalgia. A victim of high rents and low sales led to the shop's demise, though it lives on as a smaller shop in a different location -
the Comic Book Lounge. You can read more about the store closing

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