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Here's part 2 of my look back at folks from the world of comic books and comic strips that died in 2012.  Here is a link to Part One.  I didn't try to be comprehensive, but I wanted to provide some career highlights.  I may have gone overboard on Joe Kubert, but only because I loved his work so.  If there's someone missing, it's probably because I couldn't find decent enough pictures.  If you'd like somebody added, please let me know.  

Carlos Loiseau, 63 [5/8]
Argentine cartoonist

Tony DeZuniga, 71 [5/10]
Artist, co-creator of Jonah Hex and Black Orchid
worked primarily for DC and Marvel Comics:
All-Star Western & Weird Western Tales (1970-74)
Phantom Stranger (1971-75)
Thor (1976-78)
Jonah Hex (1980-85)
Arak, Son of Thunder (1984-85)

Eddy Paape, 91 [5/12]
Belgian comics artist

Ernie Chan, 71 [5/16]
often credited as Ernie Chua (how his name was misspelled on US Immigration documents)
Artist, primarily for Marvel & DC Comics:
DC Horror anthologies ("House of Secrets", "House of Mystery") - 1974-77
Batman family of titles ("Batman", "Detective Comics", "Joker") - 1975-78
Incredible Hulk - 1977-78
Conan titles ("Conan the Barbarain", "Savage Sword of Conan") - 1977-95
"Incredible Hulk" comic strip - 1978
"Conan the Barbarian" comic strip - 1978-80

Jim Unger, 76 [5/29]
Herman (1974-92)

Ray Bradbury, 91 [6/5]
Science-fiction author whose stories were originally "borrowed" by EC Comics in the early 1950s until he was legitimately credited/paid for adaptations of his work.
Two comic series of adaptations in the 1990s bore his name - "The Ray Bradbury Chronicles" (Byron Preiss) and "Ray Bradbury Comics" (Topps).

Robert L Washington III, 47 [6/5]
co-writer of early issues of "Static" and "Shadow Cabinet" for DC/Milestone (1993-94)
co-writer of "Timewalker" and "Ninjak" for Acclaim (1997-98)

Dave Thorne, 82 [7/22]
cartoonist, "Thorney's Zoo" (2007-11)

Themo Lobos, 83 [7/24]
Chilean comic writer/artist

Phil Neel, 84 [7/25]
Birmingham newspaper cartoonist
creator of "Aubie the Tiger", mascot for Auburn University

Joe Kubert, 85 [8/12]
Hawkman for DC Comics [1941-49, 1961-69]
Jesse James for Avon [1950-54]
Tor and 3-D comics for St. John [1949-55]
Viking Prince for DC [1955-59]
Sgt. Rock for DC [1959-81]
The Haunted Tank for DC [1961-87]
Enemy Ace for DC [1965-76]
Tales of the Green Beret (syndicated comic strip) [1965-68]
Tarzan for DC [1972-75]
Ragman for DC [1976-77]
Tor for Marvel/Epic [1993]
Fax from Sarajevo [1996]
PS Magazine [2001-2012]
Yossel: April 19, 1943 [2003]
Jew Gangster [2005]
Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy [2006]
Tor for DC [2008]
Milton Caniff Lifetime Achievement Award winner [2010]
Dong Xoai: Vietnam, 1965 [2011]
Joe Kubert Presents [2012-13]

The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art [1976 - 2012]

The Kubert School official site

Phyllis Thaxter, 92 [8/14]
Martha Kent in “Superman” (1978)

Sergio Toppi, 80 [8/21]
Italian illustrator

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