Friday, September 12, 2014


Last weekend I attended Cincy Comicon, held at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center.  It was a fun, packed weekend of artists and comics!  I talked with a lot of nice folks, found some back issues I'd been hunting for, and having my eyes bug out at some amazing sights.

I guess I need to lose weight if Galactus thinks I'm a planet.

Hulk and Iron Man with their good friend Kelsey.

Matt with Daredevil artist Chris Samnee.

Cincy Comicon's special guest Kelley Jones signing my copies of his Deadman miniseries.

A Leon Trotsky sketch commissoned by my pal Ted from Harvey award winner Chip Zdarsky.

A trio of stunning sketches from congenial Chris Sprouse.

Sprouse's Hawkman was the envy of all onlookers.

Green Arrow and Black at first sight.

A dynamite rendition of Dart from Atari Force!

Matt with Aym Geronimo artist Todd Fox.

A Batman sketch by Fox.

Fooling around at the Cincinnati Museum Center booth.

Making super hero masks in the kids' craft area.

A Lego enthusiast demonstrating his replica of Tony Stark's armory...which he's decided to wear on his head!

The boys are always excited to meet the local members of the R2 Builders Club.

These R2 units are amazing.  Not statues, but rather rolling, turning, talking movie-ready replicas.  Wow!

Me with some new friends.  See you all next year!