Sunday, April 24, 2016


VOLUME 3 IS HERE!!!  The big Caniff news of 2015 was the release of "The Complete Steve Canyon on DVD" Volume 3.  After years of setbacks, the project John Ellis began in 2006 has been completed.  This volume contains the final ten episodes of the series (episodes 25-34), each with commentary and each digitally remastered to the same high standards of the first two volumes.  Also included is the original, unaired pilot for the series!  Volume 3 can be ordered separately or as part of the complete series box set.

Volume 6 of "The Complete Steve Canyon" was released by the Library of American Comics on December 1st.  This book reprints all of the daily and Sunday strips from 1957 and 1958, with the Sundays in brilliant color.  Steve ran into a lot of old friends in these two years - Miss Mizzou, Princess Snowflower, Savannah Gay and Col. Index.  Plus, Btuce Canwell puts it all into historical context with his introductory essay.  Order your to-day!

The latest issue of Comics Revue (February 2016) reprints the Steve Canyon strips from 11/25/73 to 11/22/73, with Sundays in color.  This is part one of "Morale Booster", a solo adventure for Summer Canyon in Africa.  
This issue features a Tarzan/Phantom cover by Thomas Yeates.  Yeates is the current artist of the "Prince Valiant" strip.  He also has a current Tarzan story being serialized in "Dark Horse Presents."  

If the folks at Hermes Press were worried about low interest in George Wunder's "Terry and the Pirates", they should be feeling pretty good.  Volume One sold out and Volume Two is on it's way.  Volume Three is set for release on June 20th along with a second edition of Volume One.  I didn't know what I would think of Wunder's take on Caniff's classic, but I've really enjoyed the first two volumes.  Wunder pens a clever yarn and the art is often sublime.

I have a display at my local library of items related to the "Steve Canyon" TV series.  I call it "Steve Canyon: Lost and Found."  What you see is all there is, so don't book your plane tickets.  BUT, if you happen to be on the west side of Cincinnati, mosey on out to the Green Township branch library.  The exhibit only runs through April hurry!!