Sunday, July 6, 2008


If you get WGN America, you are in for a treat tomorrow night (7/7). They are running a two-hour block of "Alf", which is a show I never really liked or watched. But, one episode I've always wanted to see is on at 9:30PM EST. It reunites some of the cast of "Gilligan's Island", one of them for the last time. The original series ran from 1964-67. They were reunited for three TV movies from 1978-81, and even animated in 1982 ("Gilligan's Planet", which sadly is not on DVD...write your Congressman!). Gilligan fans know that Tina Louise, who played Ginger, was the buzz-kill for all this reunion stuff and she was replaced with other actresses.

By this 1987 "Alf" episode, the millionaire and his wife were in failing health (Jim Backus died in 1989, Natalie Schafer in '91). Gilligan, Skipper, the Professor and Marianne reunited once again as a bored Alf tried to recreate his favorite TV show in the backyard. This would be the last appearance of Alan Hale, Jr., as the Skipper. The remaining three - Bob Denver, Russell Johnson, and Dawn Wells - would reunite one more time for an episode of "Meego" in 1997. What's that? Huh? You don't remember "Meego", the post-"Perfect Strangers" sitcom of Bronson Pinchot? But, but, it had Ed Begley, Jr. and that kid from 'Jerry Maguire'...are you sure? 13 episodes were shot and they only aired six of them. Yes, it was that good. In fact, in a TV travesty, the 'Gilligan's Island' episode remains unaired! So, once everything ever watched and enjoyed is out on DVD, maybe someone at CBS will release "Meego" as a prank and we'll get to see it. [side note - another reason you can't trust Wikipedia? It lists the five hosts of "Family Feud" as the creators of "Meego"]

OK, back to "Alf" (or is it "ALF?). Just watch the episode and wonder...did this drive Marianne to marijuana or was she already high at the time?

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