Thursday, July 17, 2008

KATIE REIDER, 1978-2008

Katie Reider was a talented singer/songwriter from Cincinnati. She just lost her battle with a cancer that in the past year took an eye, her voice and now her life. I first saw Reider when she was just starting out, playing bookstore venues like our local Borders or Joseph-Beth. I admit that part of my interest was that she’s the daughter of Rob Reider, who I remembered from the old Bob Braun Show. I dug her voice and the sound of her band and bought her debut album, ‘Wonder’. She quickly moved on to local venues like the York St. CafĂ©. When one of her songs appeared on “Dawson’s Creek”, we had a new local music hero with national recognition.

College took the young Reider to Columbus, and after college she moved on to New Jersey, but she and Cincinnati never parted. I saw her in 2007 at Taste of Cincinnati. She and the band sounded great and from what I read her career was going strong. Now it’s a little over a year later and she’s gone from us.

I recommend visiting, a fundraising website started for Katie in hopes of raising $500,000 in a year to help pay medical expenses and support Katie, her partner and two sons. For $1 you can download ‘Katie’s Voice’, a collection of 9 original songs. To learn more about Katie’s personal fight with cancer, visit her blog.

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