Sunday, July 22, 2012


 I was charmed by this vintage ad for 1959 lunch boxes, particularly the top one.  Since the lunchbox pictures aren't sharp, I thought I'd find recent examples of each box. 

Ladies, you don't get cool TV characters, but you do get themes like travel and flowers.

Not in the ad, but also produced by Aladdin in 1959...

Aladdin also tried out their first vinyl box, celebrating the terrible teenager.  I think the boy is watching "Gunsmoke", while his dog holds the phone for him!?!

Aladdin's thermoses were made for adults, too!  Here's the dutiful wife fixing her husband's lunch.  "Enjoy your hot water and apple, honey!"


Bill Wiist, said...

I had that Gunsmoke lunchbox.

tarantodesign said...
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tarantodesign said...

I still have the Travel Box. No flask though. Glass broke and flask was dis-guarded