Sunday, August 5, 2012


We wuz robbed!  That's all I can say about the results of this year's Eisner Awards.  In April, we let you know about all of the Caniff-related projects that were up for Eisner awards.  Books that contained his art (Drawing Power, Government Issue), one about an artist he influenced (Alex Toth) and one tome about the master himself (Caniff).  Here are the results:

Best Comics Related Book
Caniff: A Visual Biography, edited by Dean Mullaney
Genius Isolated: The Life and Art of Alex Toth, edited by Dean Mullaney
Drawing Power: A Compendium of Cartoon Advertising, edited by Rick Marshall & Warren Bernard
Metamaus by Art Spiegelman winner

Best Archive Collection/Project
Government Issue: Comics for the People, edited by Richard L. Graham
Walt Simonson's The Mighty Thor Artist's Edition winner

We'll have to wait until next year, when the Library of American Comics' "Steve Canyon" and "Genius Illustrated" are nominated!

I've been remiss in reminding you all that Comics Revue, published bi-monthly, continues to reprint "Steve Canyon."  The latest issue (#313/314, June 2012) has the strips from March 19th through April 15th, 1972.  It concludes an Oley Olson/Bitsy Beekman story and starts a new mission for Steve.  This issue also reprints a bonus specialty drawing Caniff did for U.S. Savings Bonds.

"Steve Canyon: The Complete Series Volume Two: The Harvey Years," has been pushed back to a December 11th release date.  The book, originally announced in February, was due out in July.  Note to comics retailers, the book is resolicited in the latest issue of Previews.

Author Ray Bradbury died on June 5th at age 91.  In addition to his award-winning fiction writing career, Bradbury also wrote for television, primarily in the 1950s - early '60s.  One of these teleplays was "The Gift", the Christmas episode of the "Steve Canyon" TV series.  In a letter dated January 8, 1959 to series story editor Sidney Carroll, Bradbury wrote, "the production I saw on "Steve Canyon" made me happier than I have been in years with t-v."  This episode is currently available in Volume 2 of the Complete Steve Canyon on TV DVD set.  You can order that here.

Now for some shameless publicity.  Beginning August 14th, the display case in the lobby of the Green Township Branch of the Cincinnati library will be Caniff-ized.  An exhibit of Milton Caniff items, meant to serve as an introduction/reminder of his work, will be on display.

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