Sunday, February 3, 2013


The French reprint of "The Complete Terry & the Pirates Volume 3: 1939-40", has been named the Sélection Patrimoine (Best reprint) by the Angeloume International Comics Festival, which took place January 31st - February 3rd.  "Terry et les Pirates" is published in French by Bdartist(e), with lettering by Maximilien Chailleux.  You can read more about the French editions from the Library of American Comics.  The festival, also known as the Festival International de la Bande Dessinee, takes place in Angeloume, France, and last year had 220,000 attendees.

Volume 2 of "Steve Canyon: The Complete Comics Collection" will not see print.  According to Hermes Press, they plan to release the book as a digital download only.  The book was to include reprints of the "Steve Canyon" series from Harvey comics, including the never-released issue #7.  Also to be included were "Harvey Comics Hits" #52 and two military giveaway comics - "Secret Mission" and "Strictly for the Smart Birds."  A release date has not been given.

 Miss Lace found herself as part of a scholarly work last year - Beyond Rosie the Riveter: Women of World War II in American Popular Graphic Art.  Author Donna Knaff explores women's wartime roles in the workforce as depicted in recruitment posters, comic strips and comic books.  The depiction of sexuality is also discussed, which brought her to Miss Lace from Milton Caniff's "Male Call" comic strip.  Lace, while sexy, played more of a surrogate girlfriend role.  A rejected "Male Call" strip (above) in which Lace shares a bed with a woman, is mentioned.

Comics Revue #319/320 (cover dated Dec 2012) was released in January.  This issue reprints "Steve Canyon" from June 11 to July 8, 1972.  This storyline features Steve's cousin Poteet, as intrepid reporter infiltrating some underground activist types.

Craig Yoe has compiled a book of comics where the cartoonists themselves are part of the story.  Comics About Cartoonists includes a biographical piece Milton Caniff did for a 1948 issue of Collier's magazine.   The rest of this thick tome is a chock-a-block treasure trove of comics greats - Kirby, Ditko, Wood, Feldstein, Eisner and more.

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