Friday, November 9, 2007


I used to be able to Google myself and find myself. Maybe it was a post on a message board or some extraneous mention of me by a friend on the web. Sometimes I would find other Matt Taubers, which I thought was cool. It's like when I was a kid and when we went on vacation, I'd always check the phone book for our last name (yes, I was a fun kid!). A couple of years ago I started seeing my name more often, but attached to another me who was directing a film. Uh oh.

Now it's happened. I Google myself and all I get is Matt Tauber the director (of 2006's 'The Architect', which reminds me I need to rent that). But, hey, I'm also Matt Tauber, right? I may not make movies, but I have my own voice. I used to be on unrated local cable television, for Pete's sake. And not just for Pete, but all his friends as well.

So, I'm not too clear on how this web thing works, but I figure having my name in the title gets me back on Google, maybe at or near the top of page two of the search. But don't kid yourselves that this is a vanity project. I have ideas for posts that may interest a half dozen people or so. I'm doing it for them.


Jim Jones said...

Hey Matt: I loved your new movie the Architect. I think you have a great future in cinema...and I didn't even know you were involved in making movies. Looking forward to your next one.

Jim Jones

AScaleCanadian said...

As attorney for the real Matt Tauber I hereby request that you cease and desist trading upon the name of a famous Matt Tauber in order to increase hits to your blog. It is just despicable!

Anonymous said...

who's matt tauber, yes he's the real tauber ,all you other slim taubers are just imitating so wont the real matt tauber please stand up? please stand up please stand up?