Tuesday, January 22, 2008

'The Wire' Webcast

My pal Jeff (whose blog, The Trunk, is linked at right), and I both agree that 'The Wire' on HBO, now in it's 5th and final season, is the best drama ever on television. So, in our first video webcast, Jeff and I discuss the first three episodes the season. If you are not a Wire watcher, this probably won't be of any interest to you. Also, if you're not a Wire watcher...what's wrong with you?!? Go rent or buy Season 1.

WireTalk from Jeffrey Miller on Vimeo.


AScaleCanadian said...

Sorry guys, Six Feet Under was the greatest TV drama ever. No debate, just accept it! Excellent writing, dark themes and humor, great acting, and the beautiful Lauren Ambrose. What more can you ask?

And Jeff the "e" is very necessary on the web. You would have no web without the "e", you would have the WB. Not nearly as educational.

Matt Tauber said...

Jim - I agree that "Six Feet Under" was a great show and I did my own lusting after Lauren Ambrose. I would definitely rank it high in the pantheon of excellent drama.

Vitamin J said...

I didn't know you even had HBO, let alone were a fan of "The Wire." Do you watch the episodes as they "debut" on Sunday night, or do you watch them On Demand as soon as they are available?

Matt Tauber said...

J - Of course I have HBO! I think that "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is one of life's essentials (ok, ok, and "Taxicab Confessions")

I don't have On Demand, so I DVR their Sunday night debut for Monday morning viewing. Great to hear from you!