Tuesday, February 26, 2008


...or #3. I swear I've post two of these, but I can only find the first post.

In this cartoon from August 14th, 1980, Jimmy Carter had been victorious over Sen. Ted Kennedy in a convention battle over the presidential nomination. At the convention, Kennedy tried to turn some of Carter's delegates, which has shades of a possible upcoming struggle between Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Here in the cartoon, a tiny Carter has felled Kennedy like David vs. Goliath. His victory will be short-lived however, with Ronald Reagan waiting to knock him into oblivion.


Brubaker said...

Very interesting. Please post more!

escapevelocity said...

Matt, great stuff. Would you mind if I posted these on my Watterson art page?


Drop me a line!

escapevelocity [at] hotmail

Thanks! ---Tim

Anonymous said...

God bless you sir for posting these. If the Post was smart they would have collected these in book form.

Rob Tornoe said...

I posted this on my blog as well. I credited you and linked to your site. I think these are a treasure and I'm eager to see more.

How are you getting copies of these?

Matt Tauber said...

Rob - I went to the public library and printed them from the microfilm editions of the newspaper.