Sunday, November 9, 2008


PAUL McCartney was the recipient of the Ultimate Legend Award from MTV Europe, in a ceremony that took place at the Liverpool Echo Arena. This is unlike the time in 2002 when Michael Jackson accepted the Artist of the Millennium award from MTV, only the award didn't exist and they weren't giving it to him.

'ALL Together Now' is a documentary about the Cirque Du Soleil show 'Love', a collaboration with the Beatles. The film had limited release in theaters and is now available on DVD, exclusively from Best Buy. The documentary includes Paul, Ringo, George Martin, Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison.

Can you hit buttons on simulated musical instruments at the same time the Beatles played notes? You'll get your chance as the video game Rock Band has just licensed the Beatles' music for their video game, due Christmas of 2009.

JOHN Lennon: The Life is a new biography by Philip Norman, author of the 1981 Beatles biography, Shout!. Adding to the pile of a kabillion Beatle bios, this one made headlines with Norman's assertions that Lennon had a thing for his own mum. The book has already been panned by Yoko, Macca and Lennon's sister, Julia, who has her own book, The Private John Lennon", out this year.

MCCARtney has recorded a third album under the name The Fireman, his ambient/electronica side project with Youth. Electric Arguments is out November 25th. I have the two other Fireman albums and I'm warning you - not only is this not for the casual McCartney's barely for the McCartney completist! Sir Paul also guests on the new album from Indian-born pal Nitin Sawhney, 'London Undersound', due in November. Macca sings the vocals on the track "My Soul".

THE Ringo Starr goodwill tour continues. Having recovered from his badmouthing of hometown Liverpool, Starr gave a special message on his website telling his fans to piss off. Well, not that he doesn't want fans, he just doesn't want to hear from them. " more fan mail," says the beleaguered drummer, "It's just going to be tossed." Starr later tempered his statement by saying he was upset by the practice of individuals sending him objects to sign and send back. He did this willingly for his fans, but felt taken advantage of when he later saw the items on Ebay.


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Pete Best Says Send Me Anything

Liverpool, Nov. 8 (Reuters) - Former Beatle Drummer Pete Best recently appeared on YouTube asking for mail. “Hey if that Ringo Starr guy doesn’t want your fan mail, send it to me. Fan mail, hate mail, Chinese restaurant menus. I just really want some mail. Please, please me with your mail. It is hard being the forgotten Beatle. Remember me. I won’t toss your mail, I’ll treasure it as a kind gesture from my fan.” Best added “I’ll sign anything, photos, Beatle albums, checks. I’ve got all these Sharpies and nothing to sign.” Sadly, Mick Taylor could not be reached for a comment on this story.