Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I haven't posted much about Milton Caniff lately, so to correct that here's a nifty color Sunday strip from July 21, 1968. I'm really interested in how this montage was put together, so please share your thoughts (especially R.C. Harvey, if you're out there). It looks like a cut and paste job of old strips, but what was the source material? I assume they were photostats from his own files. But how did he get them the size he wanted, assemble it altogether, etc. Because in a pre-Photoshop world, this must have been a meticulous exercise. My only other question - we see plenty of Steve's supporting cast from over the years, but where is Happy Easter?

As a bonus, this was on the other side of the 'Canyon' strip. It's another Caniff creation, 'Terry & the Pirates', which had been written and drawn by George Wunder since 1947. Wunder's 'Terry' suffers from some anonymity, owing to near complete lack of reprint collections. I'm not a big Wunder fan, but his color Terrys are hard to come by.

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