Friday, September 23, 2011


If you lived in Lake County, Ohio in the 1970s/80s, then you had a real treat when it came to the Sunday funnies. The comic strips were packaged as a 32-page comic book. 38 strips in color, 22 of them full page. And what strips! This thing had strips I never knew about and some I'd only heard about. This week I've reproduced the strips that simultaneously had comic books on the newsstand. From the 25 MAY 1980 edition.

Hulk? Conan? All that's missing is Amazing Spider-Man, conspicuous in its absence.
A bit of a cheat, as Tarzan's Marvel comic ended in 1979. But worth including for the rarely seen Tarzan art of comics legend Gil Kane.
I always heard about this one and it's good to finally see it. Nice work by Tuska & Colletta.
Russ Manning still a titanic talent near the end of his career. Poor Luke and Han are in the same clothes from the movie!
There was a Star Trek comic strip?!? Surprise to me. A bit clunky, but still neat to see. Watch that fighting stance, Chekov!
Archie, of course, had more comics under his name than all the above combined!
OK, a total cheat, as there was no Steve Canyon comic book in 1980 (or more accurately post 1959), but it's my blog, darnit!

To correct or not to correct. Some of the strips I've left yellowed as they exist today. Others I fooled with in Photoshop. Which is more authentic? Which do you prefer? Let me know!

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