Sunday, March 4, 2012


Ye olde blogger turned 40 last week, and with that came a celebration with family and friends. If they weren't enough of an embarassment of riches, I also received a generous number of gifts. These folks know me all too well, as the gifts revolved around my love of comics, music, and books. Keeping with our Caniff theme here on the blog, here are the two Caniff-centric gifts that I received.

The first is an original artwork by my pal, Todd Fox. Todd is a veteran comic book artist, and his current project is Aym Geronimo. The fantastic piece below, measuring a staggering 14"x17", was inspired by an offhand comment in a phone conversation. Yes, that's Steve Canyon vs. Galactus. As Smilin' Stan would say, 'Nuff Said!

This next piece was a gift from my pal, Ted Haycraft. He commissioned fellow Caniffite Randy Reynaldo to do this special piece featuring Caniff's famous creation wishing yours truly a happy birthday. Randy is the creator of Rob Hanes Adventures, as well as a faithful reader of this blog. Spectacular job, Randy, and thanks again, Ted!


Anonymous said...

Glad you like it Matt! Big score with the Reynaldo piece! Wow! And Happy Birthday again!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah ... Happy Birthday, Matt! You got much better gifts than I did on my 40th!

Jerry Smith

WCG Comics said...

Happy birthday, Matt--glad you enjoyed the piece!!