Thursday, November 22, 2012

The world of 70 years ago...

from the Saturday Evening Post, October 24th, 1942.  I think the ads, each beautifully illustrated, tells us something about life back then.  Sometimes it's the fashion, but in many cases it's the sacrifices and adaptations to life in wartime.  It's amazing to me that almost all these companies or products (except Statler Hotels) are still around. I've noted the illustrators where possible.

cover by Mead Schaeffer

Here's a woman undeterred by gas rationing, heading up from her local A&P Super Market.

Cheerios were first introduced in 1941 at Cheerioats.  The young lady is the mascot Cheeri O'Leary.    If you can't read that closely, the "Food Quints" with their letter caps P, C, M, F and V are Protein, Carbohydrate, Mineral, Fat and Vitamin.

General Tire by Robert O. Reid

Ingram's Shaving Cream from Bristol-Myers

Jockey, the famous brand of support underwear, with some tips for the fellas.

Libby's is there for you, concerned shopper lady!

Airplane and tank cannons from Oldsmobile.

Three timeless friends promoting a cereal the ad copy calls "gay as sunlight."

Sir Walter Raleigh.  Tobacco that "tastes good to you...smells good to others."

Somewhat bizarre art for Sylvania.

Statler Hotels...8 locations.  Stay in Cleveland for $3.00 per night!

ARMCO Sheet Metals urging you to donate scrap to your local salvage committee.

Alcoa Aluminum by Glenn Grohe

An editorial message from the Post - "Yes - you can burn books, Goebbels - but you can never burn truth out of the minds of men."

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