Wednesday, December 26, 2012


This year marks the beginning of an amazing undertaking, the complete reprinting of the "Steve Canyon" comic strip by the Library of American Comics.  Following up on the stellar format they pioneered with "The Complete Terry & the Pirates," Dean Mullaney and company stunned the comics world with Volume 1 (1947-1948) and Volume 2 (1949-1950).  Each volume contains two complete years of strips, with the Sundays reprinted in color for the first time.  Providing background and historical context is Bruce Canwell with his well-researched introductory pieces in each book.

The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum held an exhibit at the beginning of the year called "Columbus Cartoonists."  It featured artwork from Milton Caniff and other artists who plied their trade in the state capital, including the library's namesake.  The library staff also started a blog this year, giving them an online ability to highlight work from their collection comic strip art, which is the largest in the world.  The library started in 1977 when Caniff began donating his art and papers to the Ohio State University.

The "Dick Tracy" comic strip had a tribute to Caniff by including some of his characters in a recent storyline.  You can see all the strips and read comments from the creators here.

Last but not least was a significant exhibit that shook the comic strip literati.  "Milton Caniff: An Introduction," curated by Matt Tauber, took over the display case in the lobby of the Green Township branch of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.  The display included tear sheets, photos and memorabilia related to Caniff and his comic strips.  The Green Township library has the third highest circulation in the 41-branch system.  When asked about the success of the exhibit, one librarian said, "Um, well...I do see people looking at it."


All in all, a good year for Caniffites!  I'm looking forward to 2013 for Volume 3 of the Complete "Steve Canyon" TV series on DVD, two new volumes of "Steve Canyon" from the Library of American Comics, as well as the exciting expansion of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum in the Fall.

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Oscar Solis said...

I discovered Milton Caniff pretty much five years ago. I was aware of his work but I didn't really start paying attention to it until then. I'm glad I did. It's been a revelation to discover the complete mastery he had in his work. What amazes me are his excellent compositions with the often square panels of his Sunday pages, specifically Terry and the Pirates and the early Steve Canyons.

Truly enjoying your blog. Keep up the great work.