Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I couple of weeks ago I attended Wonderfest Hobby Expo in Louisville.  It's a show primarily for lovers of movie monsters and sci-fi to come together, particularly those who enjoy modelmaking.  The highlight for me, other than hanging with my pals, is seeing what the modelers have come up with for this year's show.  Here are my highlights:

 This is a close-up of a massive (3 feet in diameter) model of a Cylon Basestar.  Modelmaker Sean Corsini built this from scratch to match the miniature from the original "Battlestar Galactica" series.  Looks camera-ready to me!

Mr. Spock better check his workstation, as someone has taken this ray generator right off the Enterprise bridge!  That's what it looks like to me, anyway.  Here it is with its original owner - 
For more about this device, visit this posting by Gregory Schnitzer.

A life-size dewback was on display, complete with dirtified Sand Trooper and nearby jawa. 

There were no shortage of Star Wars models, and this Scout Trooper on a speeder bike looks ready to zoom off into the forest.

Star Wars, Trek, Aliens, Univeral Monsters...I was prepared for all of them.  But...Robert Shaw as Quint?  Kudos to this artist for originality in bringing one of the great screen characters to life.

More Jaws?!?  Yes, a large bronze sculpture of the Jaws trinity - Brody, Hooper and Quint inside a shark jaw.  This piece is by the amazing artist Bill Wieger.

A hand-sculpted Cap'n Crunch!

This modeler had a little fun.  Barbie and a Cylon on a future episode of "Dancing with the Stars."  Yes, that's the Sugar Corn Pops cowboy behind them!

This was my favorite model of all.  Supposedly a King Kong model combined with a different terrain and small characters to recreate this comic book cover as a diorama - 
The fact that someone would choose an issue of Tomahawk, a mostly forgotten series that ran for 20 years, is what really knocks me out.

While last year was a cosplay cornucopia, this year was sadly lacking.  That may be my own fault for coming on a Sunday.  I'm guessing Saturday was more populated.  I saw a Starfleet officer, maybe one Star Wars character and these two friendly folks above.

Have to leave you with a little cheesecake!

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