Wednesday, August 13, 2008


It's time for the Democrat National Convention next week, so I thought it apropos to reprint a convention-related cartoon by Bill Watterson from July 31st, 1980. Ohio State Representative William L. Mallory, Sr. was in a small controversy over fundraising. He was trying to raise money for his trip to the convention in New York City, so he sold mock 'stock certificates' to lobbyists. His opponent filed a complaint, and an ethics panel determined that while no rules had been violated, they recommended that the rules be changed. Mallory raised a total of $270.

Mallory, now retired, sired an Ohio political dynasty. Of his four sons, two are judges, one is a state representative, and one is the mayor of Cincinnati.

note: Watterson couldn't have done this cartoon the next year, when Reagan took office and the media discovered the homeless.

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