Sunday, August 24, 2008

to jill

to my wife on our 4th anniversary...

What can I say to this friend of mine?
I married her. We’re intertwined.
Like the sky is fixed with the color blue,
no force can cleave this love in two.

When girl and boy, of lonely frown,
while seeking proof of love’s renown,
stumble twixt the throng and meet,
are sure to make their lives complete.

I love the woman, soft and warm,
her honesty and thoughtful charm.
I love the little girl inside
whose hurts and joys she cannot hide.

Two sons we have, forged by love’s spell,
our love for them an endless well.
Tho' baby Andrew's gone from us,
for Noah, carry on we must.

Love and pain in equal parts
has drawn us closer in our hearts.
A bond for life no harm can sever.
I’ll hold you in my arms forever.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

beautiful!jill is a lucky girl to have such a sweet and thoughtful husband.