Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Artist/writer Dave Sim pays homage to Milton Caniff in the latest issue of his oddest comic work yet!

Dave Sim is the creator of Cerebus, a 300 issue comic book epic that he published himself over a 28-year period. While monthly sales figures only numbered a few thousand, it’s a legendary feat in the world of comics, one that has never been done before nor doubtfully ever again (the issues have long been available in collection form, available here) Cerebus was a drama, hilarious at times (like all good dramas), but on the whole a serious work (taken too seriously by some, witnessed by the impassioned letters that filled the back of each issue, many replete with intellectual folderol). So it was with bemusement and skepticism that the public met Sim’s announcement late last year that his next project would be called ‘Glamourpuss’.

Beyond the the title, readers were further confused by the official website, which makes you think ‘Glamourpuss’ is a comic about women’s fashion, a non-existent comics market. Information soon dribbled out that the comic was to be the strangest hybrid since Tina Turner and Kate Smith joined Cher for a Beatles medley. The theme of ‘Glamourpuss’ combines Sim’s photo-realistic fashion drawings with his examination of photo-realism in comics, typified by Alex Raymond’s art on the Rip Kirby comic strip. Sim, a devoted artist who has written treatises on pen nibs, painstakingly recreates fashion photos as well as comic strip panels. Along the way, he infuses the model drawings with fumetti-esque humor and the comic panels with artistic insight.

Milton Caniff, my favorite blogging topic, figures heavily in issue #2. Sim explores the influence of the “big three” comic strip artists: Raymond, Caniff and Hal Foster. These are the names most cited as influences by any artist who lived during the 1930s. Sim describes Caniff’s style as “cartoon realism”, placing stylized figures against photo-realistic backgrounds. Sim also recreates three ‘Terry & the Pirates’ panels and draws three pictures of Caniff, like the reproduction of this famous AP photo [click on it for larger view] -

Sim made a short video explaining his process for reproducing a photo of a fashion model. We get a look inside Sim's studio and his dry delivery cracks me up.

GLAMOURPUSS is on sale at your local comics shop. It’s not the kind of comic that stores order a lot of, so if you don’t see it, just ask!


t-dub said...

This blog has jumped the shark. When's the last time we got a Jeff Lynne update?

t-dub said...

Hey Matt,

Thought this would interest you. A bulletin from 500Kin365.org:

There's going to be a 30-minute special about Katie Reider on Cincinnati's local public tv station tonight at 7:30. The actual station varies depending on which cable/satelline provider you have but it's on WCET tonight.

CET pays Tribute to Reider

The show is "In The Tank"
tonight on Cincinnati's Channel 48 at 7:30pm

August 2008
Thursday, August 21 2008, 7:30 p.m.

Sunday, August 24, 2008, 6:00 p.m.

Full half-hour devoted to highlights from Katie Reider’s memorial service, held at Crossroads Community Church in July 2008. Includes interviews with Katie’s Dad, Rob, and her partner Karen, her sister Abby, as well as inspirational music from the Katie Reider Band.

If you are not in the cincinnati area, CET will feature this on their website in the next few days and i will post a link once it is up online too.
Please pass the word!

Right now we're also in process of making changes to our 500K site for Katie for September. We'll have much more to come.
Stay tuned!

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