Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I've decided to start over with my numbering system. I originally was numbering them as I posted from haphazard dates. Now I'll try to do it chronologically. That makes this, then, the 2nd Cincinnati Post editorial cartoon by Bill Watterson.

This cartoon is from June 19, 1980, before there was cable TV in Cincinnati. Six different cable companies were vying to be the provider. They would have plenty of time to lobby, as Cincinnati City Council would not vote to award the franchise until October 1st (to Time Warner). A Citizens Community Cable Board was established, and among their concerns -
  • who in the community gets a piece of the cable revenue
  • availability of local origination/community programming
  • family fights created by too many choices of what to watch
  • degradation of the family and our morals by what sex & violence might be broadcast

I wonder what they would have thought of 'The Sopranos', Skinemax and the Womanizer video[NSFW]

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