Monday, March 16, 2009


Yesterday I took Noah to the Cincinnati Tea Party, held downtown on Fountain Square. It was a beautiful day and a great crowd. While there was a smattering of fringe crazies (I saw a "Nazi Pelosi" sign), the majority of the crowd was just there to express their frustration over fiscal malfeasance perpetrated by government, from federal to local. If a person or family spent money with a view to their grandkids paying the bill, people would call it irresponsible. When government does it, it's "economic stimulus". I think that's why Noah made the sign.

Noah had a great time, because there was a lot to see and do. He loves to clap along with applause and there were a lot of dogs to pet. Since it was a day of firsts (the first political rally for both of us), we took his first trip to the observation deck of the Carew Tower and got this shot of the crowd...

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