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Here's part 3 of my look back at folks from the world of comic books and comic strips that died in 2012.  Here are links to Part One and Part Two.  I didn't try to be comprehensive, but I wanted to provide some career highlights.  If there's someone missing, it's probably because I couldn't find decent enough pictures.  If you'd like somebody added, please let me know.  Thanks to D.D. Degg for providing some of the information via his own comprehensive list. 

Martin Filchock, 100 [9/5]
Cartoonist who worked from the 1930s to 2011, primarily as a freelancer doing gag cartoons and strips for magazines

A nice tribute to Filchock

Marc Swayze, 99 [10/14]
co-creator of Mary Marvel
Fawcett artist and writer, 1941-53
Artist on “Flyin’ Jenny” comic strip
 - Assist. to Russell Keaton – 1939-40
 - Byline artist – 1943-46
Columnist for Alter Ego, 1996-2012

more Flyin' Jenny on Ger Apeldoorn's site

Vladimir Jiranek, 74 [11/6]
Czech cartoonist
Jiranek's official site

Craig Miller, 53 [11/7]
Editor, “Following Cerebus” (2004-12), ”Wrapped in Plastic” (1992-2005)

Ray Zone [11/13]
“King of 3-D Comics”, published or produced over 130 3-D comic books and developed his own process for 3-D printing

Spain Rodriguez, 72 [11/28]
Underground comics artist

Josh Medors, 36 [11/28]
Freelance comic book artist, active 2003-12

Jeff Millar, 70 [11/30]
Writer and co-creator of the “Tank McNamara” comic strip, 1974-2012

Keiji Nakazawa, 73 [12/19]
Japanese manga artist/writer
Best known for "Barefoot Gen", a manga about a Hiroshima bombing survivor

Bruce Stark, 79 [12/29]
New York Daily News illustrator, 22 years
Magazine illustrator, covers and spot illustrations

official Bruce Stark website

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